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Datastel: [in]-vloekwoordkonstruksies [Data set: [in] swearword constructions]

posted on 2023-03-13, 06:29 authored by Gerhard B. Van HuyssteenGerhard B. Van Huyssteen, Adri Breed, Anneke Butler, Lande Botha, Maristi Partridge, Suléne Pilon

Van Huyssteen et al. (2023) proposed a methodology (i.e. a set of methods, principles, rules, etc. for a specific purpose within a specific theory / discipline) for the description and explanation of constructionalisation networks, i.e. networks with a temporal dimension that indicate the development of constructions. To illustrate this framework, we looked at the constructionalisation network of Afrikaans "in" as a prepositional lexical item, as based on data from dictionaries and corpora. It is shown that changes in a construction network are (among other things) characterised by the presence of taboo constructions in that part of the network, and that constructions with taboo words can be taken as one of the starting points to search for constructional change and constructionalisations in a network. This dataset contains all the annotated and analysed data of the taboo constructions, i.e. a total of 432 annotated corpus examples.

Article: Van Huyssteen, Gerhard B., Breed, Adri, Butler, Anneke, Botha, Lande, Partridge, Maristi, and Pilon, Suléne. 2023. ʼn Metodologie vir die beskrywing van konstruksionaliseringsnetwerke: Konstruksies met [in] as gevallestudie [A methodology for the description of constructionalisation networks: Constructions with [in] as a case study]. Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics.